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We are a Syrian company established in 2008 in Aleppo city, specializing in the study and supply all types of spare parts, machines, and industrial- food - engineering - pharmaceutical production lines and production equipment.

Most of our imports were entered in the completion of the local industries mentioned above, which were re-exported to the neighboring countries of Syria, (Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon) and as considering Syria is an important central state in the Middle East, it was exported our products to Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Sudan.

As a result of the war in Syria in 2011 - our headquarter was located in Gaziantep (Turkish City) and we are setting up a trading company in 2016 to follow up our work and provide services and support which our former and new customers need, in order to contribute in reconstruction what the war in Syria has done.

We depend on the supply of machines on the selection of reliable and high-quality companies. This is determined by detailed technical studies of each machine in terms of the metals involved in the manufacture of this machine, the electrical energy needed, control devices, production capacity, etc. to the smallest detail in this machine.

We diversify our sources in cooperation with the Italian, German, Bulgarian, Turkish, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean companies.

10 years of work, we have strong strategic relations with our suppliers and customers. We have achieved satisfaction of our customers, our machines are still working in many countries of the world, such as Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Turkey and Syria

Our company is a founding member of the Syrian Trade Cooperation Organization 2017 and a member of the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce since 2008 and member of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce 2016


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